What if there was a school program that could help improve school climate, use technology to foster interactive learning, and promote lifelong habits for optimum health and well-being?
Student Health 101 has discovered that students are very engaged in learning about topics that impact their well-being—especially when the information is relevant to their lives, presented on their terms, and provides simple strategies they can relate to.
Student Health 101 is a wellness media platform that engages students both inside and outside the classroom. Students are presented with research-based topics all year long that address every dimension of well-being as it relates to their academic success.
Core components of the Student Health 101 wellness program
Mobile Access
Online Magazine
Promo Tools
Client Portal
Student Advocate
Social Media
Your Student Health 101 media platform starts with a beautifully designed online magazine; a year-long resource for students with topics that impact their lives and academic success.
Your wellness magazine is full of research-based information that offers clear learning objectives, but is also compelling and engaging to students.
10 monthly issues (September to June) Features include: original articles, videos, images, quizzes, student generated content, and interactive infographics Actionable content that is presented with a strong student voice and a “teach don’t preach” tone.
Online magazine
You have the option to make students part of your wellness promotion program—not just part of the audience. Students can create videos, write personal essays, post announcements, author articles, and help promote the program throughout the school.
Get students involved
Nutrition class videos
Physical exercise videos
School correspondent videos
Feature YOUR students in videos
Classroom warm-ups
Students can participate via
Extra credit opportunities
Group projects: assign roles such as editors, writers, researchers, and videographers
English, health, and physical education class assignments
Essay contests
Semester-long projects
Social events
Club announcements
Publish school announcements
Sports schedules
Use our professionally designed emails to send the latest issue to your students, parents, and faculty each month
Use our mobile app to notify students of the latest issue
Use your learning management system to push the latest issue to your students
How to distribute your Student Health 101 online magazine
We’ve designed a mobile app so students can access your Student Health 101 on their mobile devices or classroom tablets.
Mobile application
Social media integration
Our in house social media team can create and manage social media pages to support your Student Health 101 program.
The Student Advocate blog is designed for parents, teachers, and school staff so they can stay informed about the latest developments in student wellness. Parents, teachers, and school staff members can receive their own subscription to both the blog and student magazine.
Community involvement
Keep wellness at the forefront of students’ minds with our professionally designed promotional tools. Print and digital displays serve to heighten the awareness of topics featured in your Student Health 101 publication.
Table tents for the cafeteria
Promotional tools
Slideshows for your digital screens
Posters for the halls and bathroom stalls
Learning outcomes
Measure the engagement and input from your students in real time. Our reports include:
Readership analytics
Wellness assessments
Student comments
Analytics & reporting
Manage it all from one single interface, the Student Health 101 Client Portal. Program time commitment can be as little as 1-2 hours per month.
Program management
Whether you seek to improve your students' health and wellness or to significantly impact your school culture, Student Health 101 can help you meet your goals.
Your solution
Next steps...
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In line with National Health Education Standards
Tailored to students’ needs
Highly specialized and actionable
Student Health 101 content is:
Based in behavior change theory and peer education
Supportive of a positive school climate
Your Student Health 101 program will be customized to include your logo and school resources.
Customized for your school