June, 2014 Issue and Promotional Resources

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Links to Access Your June, 2014 Issue

Student Permanent Link:
Student Direct Issue Link:

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Parent Permanent Link:
Parent Direct IssueLink:

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Social Media Messages for Facebook, Twitter and More

Social Media Messages: Click to download as a Word document.
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Short Weekly Emails to Students - our recommended Best Practice for engagement

Send Wed, June 4th

Email Subject: 30 Seconds to Make an Impression + What’s Your Summer Soundtrack? + Love Your Body HTMLTEXT

Send Wed, June 18th

Email Subject: Go Off the Grid + Favorite Summer Movie? + Favorite Way To Break A Sweat HTMLTEXT

Send Wed, July 2nd

Email Subject: Your Core Is Key + Favorite Ice Cream or Froyo Topping? + Go Off the Grid HTMLTEXT

Send Wed, July 16th

Email Subject: Active Listener or Problem Solver? + Best Advice Ever Received? + Think Clean, Go Green HTMLTEXT

Emails to Students, Parents, Supporters, Faculty and Staff - sent once or twice a month to Students

Send initial email Wed, June 4th

Email subject: June’s Drawing for $1,000 + 30 Seconds to Make an Impression + Favorite Summer Movie? + Your Core Is Key


Send reminder email Wed, July 2nd

Email subject: Love Your Body + What’s Your Summer Soundtrack? + Go Off the Grid + Think Clean, Go Green


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Offline Promotional Tools and Email Sign-Up Sheets

Promotional Tools - Posters, Flyers, and Table Tents:
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Powerpoint Slide Show:
Student PowerPoint - Click to download.

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