What is the SH101 High School Student Advisory Board internship?

  • Student Health 101 is an online, bi-monthly health and wellness magazine distributed to more than 15 schools in the US.  Each issue is customized for our client schools with their own logos and school resources.
  • All students on our board have a strong interest in health and wellness, especially issues affecting the high school population. Our definition of wellness is broad: In addition to the usual health, fitness, and nutrition topics, it includes budgeting, academic skills, relationships, preparing for college and the workforce, time management, and more.
  • Our student advisors are from diverse backgrounds and regions across the US.
  • This is an unpaid, one-year commitment (June 2015-June 2016).

What we look for in our student advisors:

students talking
  • Enrolled in high school in the US for the full academic year 2015-16
  • Commitment to supporting other students and promoting health and wellness in student communities
  • Commitment to Student Health 101 and our internship requirements (see below)
  • An interest in some aspect(s) of health and wellness (e.g., you follow health news and blogs; you are passionate about fitness, cooking healthy food, or some other aspect of wellness; you want to work in a relevant field; etc.)
  • We value diversity in life experiences, location, age, cultural background, sex, interests and skills, etc.

What is the role of SH101 student advisors?

  • Review and comment on stories (articles) in development each issue (issues are published twice a month)
  • Occasionally review a relevant app, online wellness tool, or health strategy
  • Potentially write a brief blog post
  • Provide topic and messaging ideas
  • 5 hours of your time each month

How we recognize our student advisors:

  • Named in every issue
  • Student contributors are highlighted in the magazine every month
  • Student reviews are regularly featured alongside articles
  • A certificate on completion of the internship
  • An opportunity to build your résumé and/or college application

Next steps:

Apply here

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