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Got video skills?
Share them and reach viewers other than your cat…

  • Check out the topic below for more information about video options and submission.
  • Submit your short video by midnight on Saturday, October 20th.
  • If your video is selected, we’ll pay you $100!

Topic: Jealousy

When jealousy and envy linger, they can undermine our physical and emotional well-being. Jealousy happens when you’re afraid of something being taken away from you, such as a girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, or potential job/internship. Have you ever felt jealous? What about envy—that feeling you get when you want someone else’s talents, abilities, money, popularity, etc.? If you’re comfortable sharing on camera, we’d like to hear your story about how you overcame jealousy or envy.

  • What happened that made you feel jealous or envious?

  • What did it feel like when you were jealous or envious?

  • How did you learn to overcome jealousy or envy in this situation?

  • How did you grow from this experience?

  • What tips do you have for others who want to overcome jealousy or envy?


Tips for making video magic:

  1. Be specific: Don’t try to cover too much. Start thinking about an anecdote or “headline” that captures the theme. Look to the questions for suggested angles.
  2. Focus on your own experience and/or the experience of people you know: What worked for you? What didn’t work? Resist offering advice (“you should do this…”) unless you have relevant professional qualifications.
  3. Choose an engaging (but not too distracting) environment: Outdoors can work well. A gray wall probably won’t.
  4. Stay short: Keep your video to two minutes or less.
  5. Skip the music unless you have written permission from the copyright holder OR the music was available via editing software.

Ready to submit?

Step 1: Record your video.

Step 2: Submit your video.

Step 3: Watch your email for notification that your video was selected.
*Note: Not all videos will be selected. You will only be compensated for videos that are selected.

Step 4: Bask in the glory of victory.

Suggested video formula:

Time Example

10-second introduction of theme

“Did you know that the healthiest food in the grocery store is usually found along the perimeter?”

10-second personal introduction, including a fun or interesting fact

“Hi, I’m Student X, a sushi-enthusiast, devoted fan of pinstripes, and student at Columbia University.”

1-minute discussion on a particular theme or story, related to the topic and questions pertaining to it

“Today I want to talk about my grocery store triumphs, otherwise known as how I learned to love the nutrition label…”

10-second conclusion

“This is my experience using a nutrition label to find the healthiest food. What’s your greatest grocery store success?”